Electrical Systems

BlueTech Global works with global OEMs to design and development electrical components to fit specific global requirements.

  • Vertically Integrated for Best Cost
  • Engineering Team with 20+ years Experience
  • Innovative solutions for cost and weight

BlueTech Global's wire harnesses are custom-engineered.

By designing and producing all aspects of the harness, from wire to connectors, we are able to achieve total control over its performance, increase quality, reliability and efficiency throughout the vehicle..

Offering engineering with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, BTG produces electric systems that optimize weight, cost and performance.

BTG is full a full service manufacturer for wiring components in terminals and connectors, provisional grommets and troughs, low voltage and high voltage harnesses, heater cords, and battery cables.

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Electrical Systems

Wire Harnesses High and Low Voltage, PDU's, Wiring Components,

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