Bringing Formula 1 Technology To The Street

Forged Mg Alloy Wheels

BlueTech Global has reinvented the wheel. BlueTech Globals proprietary alloy and patented one step forging press produces near net shapes for sustainable cost, as well as, producing forgings with the finest micro structure for strength and durability.

  • Speed, Cornering, and Performance
  • Fuel Effiency and Less Emissions
  • Proprietary Alloy blend that has passed Global Corrosion Requirements

BlueTech Global is bringing formula 1 technology to street production automobiles. Using BTG's patented machining, tooling, and process; our forged technology produces industry leading performance to the automobile chassis.

Acceleration time and safety are of paramount value for all automobiles. BTG's patented forging press and proprietary alloy provide both.


1. Magnesium has the highest strength to weight ratio of all universally used metals. Roughly 1.5Times stronger than Al Alloys

2. Lightness – Up to 40% lighter than Al Alloys. Reduced mass for 8-15% better fuel economy for city driving

3. High Dampening Capacity -Transforming Vibrations into heat which means a smoother ride and longer life on suspension systems and less noise for vehicle passengers. Highest vibration to absorbance rate of any structural metal.

4. Heat Thermal Conductivity - (Mg dissipates heat quicker then commonly used Alloys. Prolonging life of suspensions systems and tires while maintaining the industry leader in performance.

Bringing Formula 1 Technology To The Street

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Forged Mg Alloy Wheels

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