Other Chassis Forgings and Extrusions

BlueTech Global is global leader in innovation. Sustaining the highest performance and green energy through our light weighting technologies. Forgings, Castings, stampings and extrusions in lightweight metals provide significant reductions in weight.

  • 120,000 Sq M facility with Al, Mg, Fe, Cu capacbilties
  • Proprietary Mg alloy BM300 production approved which passed global OEM applications for Corrosion and Strength.
  • ISO, IATF, and MBE certified.

Control Arms, Tie Rods, Links, and Knuckles are other forged components are patented presses produce.

We also introduced Extruded Profiles for Battery Tray Housings and Beams.

Our current customers have seen upwards to 50 percent weight reduction in current production parts. As BTG innovates new solutions we find weight saving products while research and development has allowed for cost reduction for our customers.

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Forged Mg Alloy Wheels

Patented one step front and back compression forging. Near Net shapes for best in industry pricing.

Other Chassis Forgings and Extrusions

Reducing mass to bring Automobiles to the highest performance.

Electrical Systems

Wire Harnesses High and Low Voltage, PDU's, Wiring Components,

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